20 Minutes of Motherfucker


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Christopher Wenzel
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Christopher Wenzel These guys are local friends of mine. :)

Caustic is from Madison, WI and CTRLSHFT were originally from there. They now call Boulder, CO home.
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To give a little context for this recording, CTRLSHFT and Caustic once inhabited the same city- Madison, Wisconsin. It was also at one point (and still is for some of us) the home of other bands/artists such as Stromkern, The Gothsicles, Null Device, Endif, Stochastic Theory, and Sensuous Enemy. We were, and are still in many ways, a family. We played shows together, helped each other out live, and remixed the crap out of each other on more than one occasion. The annual Reverence Festival was our excuse to get drunk and party with other like-minded artists we were friends with. In other words, we’ve got a lot of love for each other.

In 2009 though, CTRLSHFT were moving on and heading to Colorado. I’d had an idea for some time about doing an improvised experimental set with them called 20 Minutes of Motherfucker, as in 2006 we’d done a live improvised set with Endif (already departed from Madison, if I recall) called Mutation that had gone over really well. So with their impending exit from Wisconsin I contacted them to actually do it. It was only supposed to be about 20 minutes long, hence the title, but like anything I plan…let’s just say we had fun, so it’s more like 60 Minutes of Motherfucker. Thus CTRLSTIC was born.

This was done in one shot, all live, with no set ideas or discussion. I had a few vocal effects processors and electronic noisemakers and Josev and Mae Hymn jacked their tons of hardware to bring the noise. The album itself is broken into tracks, but it wasn’t written with tracks in mind. There were just some natural beginning and end points.

It’s noisy. It’s creepy. It’s somewhat stupid (I had a microphone, so this isn’t a surprise), but it’s also really freakin’ cool and a nice testament to how great the 2000’s Madison industrial scene was.

So here it is, in all its gloryhole. Enjoy.

-Matt Fanale, 2012


released February 27, 2013



Matt Fanale: Vocals, Processors, Noisemakers, General Motherfuckery

MAEHYMN: Microkorg, Casio SK-1, Casio MT-68, Kaossilator, Boss effects pedals

Josev: Virus TI Snow, DSI Prophet '08, FutureRetro XS, Gakken SX-150

Recorded at Discipline Studios, 2009, Madison, Wisconsin
Mixed & Mastered by Josev at Discipline Studios, 2012



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CTRLSTIC Madison, Wisconsin

The unholy, improvised alliance of Caustic and CTRLSHFT. It's like that thing you put in the back of the fridge, and then you found it 4 years later, and then you ate it. Because... CTRLSTIC.

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